Saturday, April 30, 2011

To my Accenture Friends...

Hello Friends and Colleagues,

I've reached the end of my Accenture journey, after 3 and half long and prolific years. I take pride in being part of this dynamic group that has given me lots of learnings, experiences, challenges and more importantly the friendship while working together. I wish to thank each one of you for your cooperation, patience and enthusiasm.

As I move forward in my life's new cliff, I would like to say thank you and goodbye to my wonderful co-workers for your guidance and support throughout my employment. And for making me feel so comfortable and offering me a home away from home. I wish you all the very best! This is not goodbye as I will always be in touchJ

Saturday, December 25, 2010

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

♥ Batanes Love Reverie ♥

One of my wildest dreams is to visit BATANES. More on pictures and in a diminutive amount of words I’ve red about this place. Through internet and magazines, I’ve become a big admirer and badly wanted to go and visit this paradise one day! I am so astonished by the photos that can be found on entire blogger’s and photographer’s site. Apparently, the flights are somewhat expensive that I could almost fly out in a different country in Asia going to Batanes. So as luck would have it… Here I am writing this blog post hoping SEA AIR could grant my wish as I welcome 2011!

The magic question: Why should I join the TOUR?

This is my dream destination! I want to experience the 4 Seasons of Batanes. Be in a boat ride -rock back and forth, head overcast sky with a little sprinkle and lofty waves of the South China Sea.

I want to embrace the landscape predominantly rocky with hills and mountains. Scenery view and pleasant ambiance above plains and animals surrounded the area.

Meet the native people of Batanes who share the same linguistic and enriching history from the Babuyan Islands of the south and the Tao people of Orchid Island.

I am looking forward as well for the magnificence of the islands, cultural heritage, their scrumptious foods and warm people called the Ivatans. I think I am fallin' in love with the place pen by pen as I wrote down my blog.

I want to take pictures with the three different lighthouses in Basco, Mahatao and Sabtang Island as my background. They add exquisiteness of the lush greens rolling terrain along the fields.

Sit down and watch the sunset with cool breeze coming from the ocean. What an ambitious imagination indeed!

I’ve also heard about this unique sari-sari store called the ‘Honesty Coffee Shop’. No cashiers or in-charge person to look after the merchandise owned by a busy farmer. All items were individually labeled. And there’s a drop box where you will put your payment for your purchase. I want to be a part of the honest buyers list! I am so excited to purchase any stuff from this store.

Oh my dear SEA AIR, please grant my wishes! LOL I know none of this precious write ups could compare the beauty of BATANES. I’m just wishing one day, I could rewrite this blog in past tense:)

Photos from GOOGLE

Monday, November 29, 2010

Ladies Night!


we love night life... we love fashion... we love make ups...
and we are here to prove it!
we want to WIN!
We deserve this blow out 'cuz we love MAYBELLINE!



Our night wouldn't be complete without it!

Always ready to make us beautiful from dinner




That's why BOYS can't resist our CHARMS

because we got the WEAPON to catch them anytime...

Thank you Maybeline for our EXTRA SPECIAL night from HEAD to TOE!



Monday, September 13, 2010

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Friday, August 6, 2010

My Super One

When I was a child I always dream of my prince charming. I love the sweet idea of fairy tales and the concept of love. I made a promise to myself that whoever would be my last dance on my 18 roses... I would like to be with this guy forever, it was a soul searching indeed, been into relationships more than 5 times. I always look for a man who would make me happy for the rest of my life...And I thank God... I finally found My Super ONE!

I know everyone has their own super love, superman, super prince and super everything in life. But for me I have my SUPER one because he’s giving me SUPER many reasons how to be happy and enjoy life.

My super one always believes in me. In times when I was completely down and almost ready to give up, he’s always there to brighten my day. He always gives me inspiration for every little thing I do. He’s my no# 1 FAN indeed. He always makes me feel that I’m the BEST. He never fails giving countless reasons to smile everyday.

He’s with me during at my first...

My first swimming birthday

First tiger encounter experience

First Baguio visit

First adventure in Subic

First Puerto Gallera Escapade

First Splashing Trip

First Bataan Summer Special

First to conquer North... Pagupud

First Vigan Historical Trip

First ever Diving attempt

First time to ride on a Plane

First Boracay escapade

First time at Bohol

First Pampangga roadtrip

First Palawan bliss

First time to carry a crocodile

First time having a dog... our JACOB

First International trip in Macau

First Cable Car Ride

The first time to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse in Hongkong Disneyland

First Camsur splurge

First time to celebrate 6th year anniversary

The first time i’ve a learned how to drive

And most of all... The first ever meaningful KISS

These are little Firsts I would surely treasure for the rest of my life

If I’m going to choose what would be my song for him? It would be:

Because of You


I'm happy because I have him. I knew any thoughts and blogs and even just a word couldn't explain how thankful I am. Each day, my heart races giving me the reason to live. Our time together is so special because it's filled with love. And If there's one thing that I've done best in my life, it would be the day I started loving him. He’s a lover and friend to me. It feels like a comfortable refuge on his shoulders. He allows me to be myself. I love him today and I will love him until my last breath.

And for 7 years being together... I wrote a short poem of thank you.

Thank You... My Super One!


Thank you for the LOVE
You have given to me
Thank you for the CARE
You’re keepin’ for free

Thank you for the moments
We've share together
For the never ending laughter
From now until forever

Thank you for holding
My hand so tight...
Thank you for your presence
When I'm alone and couldn't fight

I promise to love you
Until the day I can
Cuz I'm lucky to be
Your one and only SUPER ONE!